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    Control of most industrial processes requires the measurement of physical parameters. We have products for the measurement and display of Humidity, Air velocity, Current, Fluid and Air flow, Fluid level and Pressure that can be used for monitoring and control purposes.


    With the rising cost of energy it’s more important than ever to monitor and control energy usage. Major uses of energy in buildings include heating and cooling energy and lighting energy. Products in this group include Thermostats, Temperature controllers, Temperature compensator and infra- red and microwave Occupancy Detectors.


    The comfort of our living and working spaces is dictated by how efficiently we control their temperature using heating and cooling systems. We have products to achieve this including Temperature controllers and Thermostats, Actuators and Valves for water heating systems and also Thyristor controllers for electrical heating systems. We also have Fan speed controllers for the control of cooling systems which use variable speed fans.


    Protection of a buildings’ occupants from fire, gas escapes and other hazards is paramount. We have a range of products such as Duct Smoke Detectors, Firemans switches and Gas leak detectors which offer protection. Protection of facilities can be provided using our Remote Alarm Panels, Water Leak Detectors and Condensation sensors.

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